The only automation software platform that keeps the human-in-the-loop.

Artificial Named Finalist in Software Category of Fast Company’s 2022 World Changing Ideas Awards
The first mission was to create a flexible design system that serves our lab friends. We discovered that one of the most informative views to see lab operations is from an aerial view. Much like the blueprint of a home, when we surface this comprehensive view, we give scientists the clarity to inspect and orchestrate how a lab runs.
Why the /.?
Robots are at the heart of any automated lab. Zoom in at a lab blueprint and you'll find swift motions of a robotic arm. This is where Artificial meets its responsive & meaningful logo family. In addition, there is significance in the forward-slash at Artificial. It is a powerful mark-up language that enables scientists who have no coding experience to write step-by-step guides to their experiments. When deconstructed, you'll find that /. makes up the official Artificial logo icon.
The Artificial Product Suite consists of 4 applications
01  |  Labs
Digitize your lab
02  |  Assistants
Design Digital Assistants
03  |  Workflows
Define Your Workflows
04  |  LabOps
Run & Orchestrate Your Lab
At Artificial, my responsibilities expand beyond product. I am also assisting on designing our brand, website and marketing. In close collaboration with with our marketing extraordinaire: Betty Liu and relentlessly hard-working development partner Abdul Zainos of Xaicode, we successfully launched with a defined brand style guide, succinct story and immersive experience.
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